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Computerized Sewing Machine

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XC-4030F-FT $
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XC-6040F-FT $

  • Computerized Sewing Machine Industrial Sewing Machine Leather Pattern Machine 750W Computerized Embroidery Machine


Large range: 600x400mm

Small range: 300x200mm


Large range: 500x300mm

Small range: 250x160mm


Large range: 400x300mm

Small range: 200x100mm


Name: 6040 computer pattern machine

Model: XC-6040F-FT

Screen: 7-inch color touch screen (support Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese switching)

Use system: Dahao system

Sewing speed: 2500 rpm

Number of stitches: 20000 stitches/pattern

Sewing stitch distance: 0.1~12.8mm

Stored patterns: 999

Storage method: body/USB

Use shuttle bed: 2 times the shuttle

Needle used: DPx17

Presser foot form: pneumatic

Lifting amount of outer presser foot: 32 mm

Lifting amount of inner presser foot: 20 mm

Movement amount of the inner presser foot: 4~10mm

Power: 750w

Power supply: 220V

Note: The weight of the product after packaging is around 490KG (4CBM), we recommend to transport it by special line


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