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Mini Electric Sewing Machine


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28x12x27cm $

  • Mini Electric Sewing Machine Portable Household Foot Pedal Straight Line Straight Hand Table 12 Stitches With Presser Foot Kit


Power 6W, current 1200mA, voltage 100-240V


Product material ABS engineering alloy


Degree of automation: semi-automatic


Function object: cloth


Number of lines: double line


Applicable thickness range: 3-4 layers of denim. Drive form: electric + manual


Number of heads: single head machine


Stitch type: straight line + curve, 12 kinds of stitches: single stitch


Packing size: 28*12*24cm


Weight: 2.5kg


Note: When installing battery or plugging in an external power source, the switch must be placed in the off position to avoid danger. Pull out the plug of the foot switch after use to avoid the danger of touching the switch. During the winding operation, do not thread the sewing thread on the needle or take-up lever.



Steps for threading the lower thread: Press the bobbin cover with your left finger and pull out to the left. Put the bobbin into the hook with thread, and cut the bobbin thread about 5cm long to expose it on the panel. When preventing the bobbin, its winding direction is counterclockwise, and then push the bobbin cover from left to right into its position.



Automatic winding of the bottom thread core: The winding rod in this machine is used to wind the empty core. Normally, the winding rod is in the hand wheel of the body. When winding is needed, press the winding with your fingers. Rotate the lever counterclockwise and the bobbin winder will automatically out.





1. Newly upgraded 12 stitches, buttonholes and buttons can be buttoned.


2. Thread clamp adjustment button, adjust the tightness to better adapt to all kinds of fabrics.


3. Exquisite appearance. Compared with spray paint, ABS primary color injection molding is much higher than other spray paints in terms of brightness, compactness, and especially stability. If no mechanical damage occurs, the surface layer is still as bright as new after years of use. .


4. Ultra-durable motor technology: The upgraded sewing machine motor has the characteristics of strong power, low noise and long service life.


5. Selected high-quality movement: patented hook tip and hook plate, stainless steel hook point, smoother without burrs, and electroplated hook plate is stronger and more wear-resistant.


6. Eat thick 5 layers of fabric, easy to eat thick 5 layers of fabric, the seams can also pass through.


7. Flanging function: It has both sewing and overlocking functions to meet the needs of household overlocking.


8.12 kinds of stitches can be adjusted at will: is the straight line stitch for adjusting the stitch length, 5.6 is the pattern stitch, 7.8 is the button stitch, and is the curve overlock stitch.

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